Neil Hellings

Oserian Development Co Ltd
Managing Director

Mr. Neil Hellings is a highly motivated leader, experienced in re-structuring organisations and formulating well thought out strategies of business process re-engineering that have restored operational and financial performance to large scale operations in East & West Africa and the Middle East. The Managing Director of Oserian for the past five years, Mr. Hellings is mindful of the need to constantly review both the threats and evolving opportunities faced by a business and has built upon Oserian’s longstanding investments in geothermal power generation and pioneering direct use of geothermal. The opportunities identified have seen the expansion of direct use of geothermal in support of an industrial scale cut flower farm –independently assessed and recognized as the best in the world in 2019.
Today Oserian utilizes geothermal for 3.4MW of in-house power generation, the heating of 128 acres of greenhouses with plans to expand by another 17 acres in the coming 24 months, the sterilization of growing medium, injection of CO2 from Non-Compressed Gases, the heating of a Tilapia Fish Farm as part of a pioneering circular economy project and the large scale production of organic pest control solutions.
In 2017 Oserian conceived the idea of a Sustainable Special Economic Zone known as the Oserian Two Lakes Industrial Park and today the first three tenants are already operating and another is about to commence construction. The pipeline of interested parties is strong with potential tenants increasingly being of greater and greater size – some requiring in excess of 10MW. Alongside the Industrial Park has been the creation of Two Lakes Energy, which in addition to development of geothermal has also seen the installation of an initial 1MW of Solar PV and currently a Proof of Concept BioGas Plant is being constructed.
Passionate about sustainable development and in particular the direct usage of geothermal and circular economies, Neil is driving forward several initiatives including Oserian being formally recognized as Carbon Neutral and is in the pilot phase of expanding, through innovation, additional uses of geothermal in horticulture.