Michelle Alejandra Ramírez Bueno

Consultant for Energy Transition

During the last ten years, Michelle has collaborated with the Governments of Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama, with the Inter-American Development Bank, the German Cooperation Agency GIZ, the Mexican House of Representatives, the main international stakeholders of geothermal industry, as well as with highly recognized law firms in Mexico in consultancies of regulation, governance and public policy.
Since 2013, she has been involved in the design and implementation of public policies and regulation for the energy transition focused in geothermal. Her work allowed me to establish professional contacts with international public officers, international cooperation agencies and private sector stakeholders to promote geothermal energy. She is well known for her contributions to foster geothermal in Mexico, Honduras and Panama, for developing cutting edge public policies through analytic and logical work, but mostly because of the easiness to present and transmit technical subjects and translate their solutions into public policies and legal wording. On a personal level, Michelle has had a significant commitment to gender equality issues, she actively participate in consultancies on the subject by developing and implementing tools to combat discrimination. She is also country ambassador for the
NGO Women in Geothermal in Mexico.