Irene Cañas Díaz

ICE Group
Chief Executive Officer

Irene Cañas Díaz, who began her career in the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity-ICE as a field engineer, serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman of the ICE Group Board. She leads the corporate strategy and oversees its two main lines of business: Electricity and Telecommunications, and acts as the main liaison between the Corporation and the Government. Before serving as CEO, Ms. Cañas was Vice Minister of Environment and Energy from 2014 to 2018, acting as co-head of the National Energy Plan 2015-2023, a public policy promoted to guarantee the sustainability and efficiency of Costa Rica´s energy sector. Graduated from the University of Costa Rica, with a degree in civil engineering, during her 25 years of career, Ms. Cañas has dedicated herself to the promotion of sustainable and low-emission energy initiatives, and most recently to Costa Rica´s goal to decarbonize the economy.