Eric Bogantes Cabezas

Appointed Manager

In my professional experience I have an upward career of 24 years working for one of the main distributors of electric power in Central America. In which I started in operational engineering activities in programs for saving and efficient use of electric energy, coordinating the measurement campaign of the first plan for the characterization of electricity consumption in the residential sector in Costa Rica under the CNFL-OLADE agreement. Then going on for 6 years to be head of the Energy Control Center, focused on the generation analysis designing models for the operation and optimal financial dispatch. Then for 8 years I was department leader with research and development of electromobility projects such as electric train, tram, trolleybuses, buses and electric vehicles with formulation and development of incentives for massive electric mobility and autonomous vehicles. Designated by the General Management to assume the leadership of the Department of Telecommunications from the opening of the telecommunications market in Costa Rica, I was responsible for the rental business of electrical infrastructure for telecommunications with sales of USD6 million annually, maintaining increasing income for 5 consecutive years . Then, being Director of Strategy and Business Development, he was responsible for the strategy and formulation of projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, reporting directly to the General Manager with subordination of 350 people. Executing an annual budget close to USD 20 million. For the past 2 years I worked for the company Huawei Technologies as responsible for energy solutions, awarded as “HUAWEI FUTURE STAR” in 2017 and 2018 for the performance shown. I taught part-time university teaching for 10 years at the University of Costa Rica, Fidelitas University and Universidad Latina. 


My academic background includes a double degree with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, as well as a diploma in business administration, with a master’s degree in Project Management obtained from the Central American Institute of Public Administration. In addition, I made a Management Skills Program at ADEN Business School, I would like to highlight the Management Development Program for the Energy Sector obtained in Germany, which adds international and intercultural capabilities, including the German language (certified B2 level) which would facilitate communication with the sponsoring agencies. I have also done research and publications in national and international journals, and also developed numerous presentations in forums and seminars in Central and South America and Europe. In soft skills I have more than 2800 hours of additional training and knowledge acquisition.