Dr. Peter Wood

Energy Development Corporation (EDC)
Head of International Development and Mergers & Acquisitions

Pete is the Head of International Development and Mergers & Acquisitions of Energy Development Corporation (EDC).  EDC is the world’s largest integrated geothermal company, with almost 1,200 MW of installed capacity. 
EDC is driving growth in its business through global expansion beyond its home base in the Philippines. This is delivered via both greenfield development and M&A. EDC currently has 4 utility scale geothermal projects in development across Chile, Peru and Indonesia totalling $2Bn (phase 1) and has secured further concessions for parallel development. We are currently very active with M&A initiatives across Latam, the
Americas, Europe and Asia. We are open to partnering and co-development of projects and to consider various commercial structures to suit the opportunity at a project or geographic level. Whilst we also own and operate solar PV, wind and hydro, we remain primarily a geothermal company and as the largest in the world with 1400 people, we can add real value across the development, operation and M&A value chain.
Pete is a control systems engineer by profession, holds a PhD from the UK and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK).