Carolina Honores

Master in Geophysics

Carolina Honores graduated in Physics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Master of Science in Geophysics from the Universidad de Chile, with training and experience, of 8 years, in geophysical prospecting with specialized in magnetotelluric data methodology with experts from institutions such as Iceland Geosurvey (ISOR) and the Geothermal Institute of the
University of Auckland, also training with subjects complementary to geophysics such as structural geology oriented to geothermal systems and geochemistry of geothermal
fluids; and in the use of geothermal resources of low and very low temperature. Her experience begins in the Geothermal Resources Unit of the National Geology and Mining
Service, where she has worked and studied the existing geothermal resources in southern regions of Chile. His work in the Geothermal Resources Unit is divided into studies related to geophysical prospecting and interpretation with the aim of generating conceptual models of high enthalpy geothermal systems and, in the study of very low and low temperature geothermal resources in order to generate evaluations to determine the most suitable areas to generate heating projects using these resources. In both lines of work, she has participated in the development of the methodology, which has been reviewed and approved by the Geothermal Institute of the University of Auckland. Finally, it has actively participated in the demonstration pilot project for very low temperature geothermal air conditioning through a closed vertical system in a public kindergarten in the Los Ríos Region, demonstrating the applicability of the geothermal favorability works carried out by