Riki Ibrahim

Geo Dipa Energi
President Director

Riki Firmandha Ibrahim, Board of METI (Indonesia Renewable Energy Society) and MKI (Indonesia Electricity Society) Experts, he has accumulated a broad and extended, more than 45-year professional experiences in Energy sector: Engineering, Management, Business Development and Consulting, including: 37 years of career up-stream and down-stream operation experiences for major international oil, gas, and energy company (Amoseas Indonesia) and buildup of 10 years work experience in independent consultants for valuable financing worldwide programs.

One of the few The Jakarta Symphony’s young violinists who steps into Indonesia’s clean energy and petrochemical sector activism is Riki Firmandha Ibrahim, currently he works as a PRESIDENT DIRECTOR for SOE, PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) under Ministry of Finance. Before that he held Finance Director of PT. Tuban Petrochemical Industries (TubanPetro), is the holding company for one of the key petrochemical business groups in Indonesia with its core business to deliver through its subsidiaries: PT. Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI), PT. Polytama Propindo (Polytama), and PT. Petro Oxo Nusantara (PON).

His professional life revolves around energy business in oil, gas, geothermal and electric power across local and multinational corporations, with a focus in exploration, utilization and finance. PT. JESPRA, Total Indonesia, Unocal, Amoseas Indonesia Inc. (a Chevron Corp. and Texaco Inc. joint venture), Pacific Oil & Gas, and PT. Tuban Petrochemical Industries (TubanPetro) are companies he worked at.

Undoubtedly, his experiences in dedication to the industry have put him to a principal degree at the local and multinational players he was with, and he has been in careers as Engineer, General Manager, Vice President and to President Director’s level. Many companies have trusted him for their consultant. It is not a secret that few leaders of Indonesia’s energy sector have a holistic understanding of and an outstanding ability to build working culture of the energy sector, initial to monitoring stages. In energy, oil/ gas and coal business development, he was a well-known decision maker in the establishment of Indonesia’s geothermal business with Amoseas Indonesia Inc. for a geothermal project “Darajat” in Garut, West Java and with Pacific Oil & Gas Indonesia for oil/ gas and coal. Then, he joined Paramartha Energy Nusantara for consultant to expand coal water slurry project with Hong Kong and China’s corporates. Pertamina, SKK Migas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Ministry of Forestry, Labor Ministries, local governments, local and multinational NGOs and local contractors recognize his credibility.

Many believes there would always be a ‘yes’ to whether he could maintain a sound partnership with the Government and State-Owned Enterprises, such as PT PLN (Persero) and PT Pertamina (Persero), and that is how many of perfect business partners in Indonesia gained their title. Making safe and advantageous work environment as a culture is always a priority to world’s most successful companies. As local governments and the communities today are nothing but the most valuable aspect to be involved in the culture, they should no longer be perceived as a barrier. Rather, it should be a must for companies to constitute an authentic, long-term relationship with them.

To him, inputs and recommendations have no meaning without actions to achieve the most relevant, real-time solutions. He was one of few pioneers of the sector to realize Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Indonesia through geothermal renewable energy project. Amoseas Indonesia Inc. furthermore was the first to accelerate renewable energy industry via its geothermal projects, known for its low CO2 compared to other resources.

In 2011, he was also appointed to serve as a jury member of “Penghargaan Energi” of MEMR (under Minister of Energy – Dr. Darwin Zahedy Saleh). His commitment to Indonesia’s energy sector extends to active participation in Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA), Indonesia Electricity Society (MKI), Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI), as well as Geothermal Association (INAGA/API).