Maximiliano Morrone

Secretariat of Energy, Argentina
National Director for the Promotion of Renewable Energy

Maximiliano Morrone has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Católica Argentina and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), and a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina). He also earned a certificate in Strategic Marketing from the IAE Bussines School (Argentina). Maximiliano gained 14-year experience in the energy field, and he developed solar energy and energy efficiency field projects in the last years. Nowadays, he is in charge of the National Director of Promotion of Renewable Energy under the Undersecretariat of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency of the Secretary of Government of Energy of the Argentine Republic. His main task is to foster the use and the incorporation of different renewable energy sources to the national energy mix. Additionally, he is in charge of identifying and managing promotional plans, scientific and technological research, technical studies and the inventory of natural resources in Argentina.