Nigel Burgess

Regulatory Authority of Bermuda
Head of Regulation

Nigel Burgess is the Head of Regulation at the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (“the RA”), with responsibility for managing the Regulation Department which includes the Financial Regulation and Technical units for the electricity, electronic communications, submarine cables, and the soon to be fuels sectors. Nigel is also responsible for ensuring effective regulation is developed and executed to fulfil the RA’s legislative mandate, as outlined in the Regulatory Authority Act 2011, the Electronic Communications Act 2011, Electricity Act 2016, Submarine Communications Cables Act 2020 and Fuels Act 2022, the RA’s Work Plan and the RA’s Strategic Plan.

As a Chartered Electrical Engineer with a specialisation in power systems and control, he has expertise in Renewable Energy, having obtained his North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Board Certification in 2014.

Nigel has been instrumental in shaping the regulatory framework for Bermuda’s electricity sector and has helped to pioneer the Bermuda’s roadmap to a cleaner energy future as the RA’s technical lead for the island’s first Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”) released in 2019.

He has also led a wide range of strategic initiatives, including retail tariff reviews for 2020-23, the preparation of Bulk Generation Procurement Rules, feasibility studies for both wind and solar PV developments and the launching of the region’s first offshore floating solar PV solicitation.

Nigel was the chief designer and installer of the Nonsuch Island’s off-grid solar PV system, Bermuda’s first fully functional off-grid energy solution, designed to be used on a remote nature reserve island, housing numerous endemic and protected species and two homes. He has served on the Ministry of Works and Engineering Advisory Board and has co-authored several publications, such as Planning the Transition to Clean Energy in Small Island States (SIS)-Lessons learned in Bermuda, Distributed Generation (DG) Impacts on Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) For Power System Networks – Case Study for NEPA System and Location Marginal Pricing for Unit Commitment with Network Congestion