Lincoy Small

Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS)
Director, Systems Operations

Lincoy Small is an Electrical Power Engineer with more than twenty (20) years of  experience in the power and utility industry and is currently employed at the  Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS) as a senior manager. He currently  serves as the Director of System Operations, where he is responsible for leading  the daily to annual operations and optimization of the Generation; Transmission  and Distribution System on Jamaica’s National Power Grid.  

He currently leads a team of managers and engineers, who spearheaded the  execution of several projects and short to medium term operations, primarily in the  areas of Renewable Integration; Grid Operations & Planning; Grid Modernization;  Grid Management Systems; T&D Remedial Action Schemes development; Grid  Codes & Operational Policies Development as well as IPP PPA Technical Contract  Management.  

His experience covers working in several areas varying from Generation Power  Plant Operations; Grid Operations; Grid Operations Planning & Optimization and  Strategic Grid Management & Long Term Energy Sector Planning. 

Some of his major accomplishments included leading a team in the PPA  negotiations of 80.3MW of new wind and solar renewable facilities in 2016. Under  his leadership, his team supported the construction and commissioning process of  these renewable plants, in addition to the commissioning of the largest solar plant  in Jamaica in 2019, all of which has now increased Jamaica’s renewable capacity  from 8% to 18% of its total installed generating capacity in a three year period.  

Lincoy also played an initial role in the introduction of LNG in Jamaica’s fuel supply  mix, by assisting the project team with the relevant technical dispatch studies &  the resulting economic analysis. These two significant achievements of additional  RE integration & LNG introduction, forms part of Jamaica’s strategy to improve fuel  supply resiliency, reduce energy prices as well as diversify its fuel supply portfolio,  all while increasing it Renewable Energy penetration levels to promote a cleaner  environment.  

To complement the increase in Renewable Energy penetration in Jamaica, Lincoy  was one of the pioneer members of the project team that commissioned 24.5MW  of Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) to the Jamaican grid in 2019. The HESS  was the largest such installation in the world in 2019 and comprised of both  Flywheel and Battery technologies. This HESS supports the integration of  Jamaica’s variable renewable energy plants (Solar & Wind) by providing  frequency; spinning reserve, voltage and transmission contingency management.  He supported this project with knowledge and experienced that he garnered after  actively engaging with several overseas entities, OEMs and other utility operators 

in different mainland states within the USA, Canada, Caribbean and the state of  Hawaii (Kaui), through consultations, research, analysis and site visits.  

He is a technical consultant to various stakeholders within Jamaica’s energy sector  as well as to other Caribbean Regional Utilities; a Grid Management Specialist and  one of the Strategic and Technical Leaders within JPS’ Central Emergency  Operations Centre (CEOC) for disaster management and grid restoration. In  addition, his other responsibilities include leading investigations, analysis and  reporting of major grid disturbance events to all the relevant stakeholders within  the Jamaican Electrical Energy Sector. He has and continues to provide technical  guidance to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in their studies and development  of Jamaica’s Integrated Resource Plans (IRP), for which it is the intent of the GOJ  to have 50% of renewable energy penetration on the Jamaican grid within the next  planning horizon.  

Lincoy, a father of two boys, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Power  Engineering (Honours) from the University of Technology. He has gone on to  further develop his expertise in Project Management, Power System Engineering  Analysis and Applications by completing several specialized training courses  throughout his career. As a passionate engineer who not only is responsible and  motivated in the training and development of young engineers, he also shares his  industry experience on different local and regional presentation platforms in the  areas of Grid Operations & Planning and Renewable Energy and Energy Storage  integration.