Darick Jonis

Chief Executive Officer

Darick Jonis was born on December 7th 1965 in Curacao where he is the youngest from of the tree children of his parents. In Curacao he attended high school and also the University of the Netherlands Antilles. At the University of the Netherlands Antilles he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. During this time Darick was active in various University organizations as well as Social Organizations on the Island. After graduating he attended Florida Institute of Technology where he graduated in Systems and Information at Master of Science level. Coming back to his native island right after his graduation he started working for the local Telephone Company where he was employed for 2 years mainly as Technical Support for Business Communication Systems. During this period he assisted in amongst other setting up a preventive maintenance program for the Business Communication systems in order to increase the reliability of these systems. Furthermore he helped conceptually design what today is the Network Management Center for the Local Phone Company. At the age of 29 Darick joined Aqualectra where he started as Pre Project planner. During this time Darick was active in setting up various procedures and methodologies for improving the Project Procurement. Applying gained experience both Procurement and Project Management process improvements were made through implementation and integration of ERP systems in Aqualectra. This created the opportunity for various cost savings and efficiency improvement for Aqualectra. Using the obtained experience and knowledge, a knowledge sharing process stared trough lecturing at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. This was also enabling for applying various research trough internships for students and mentoring these students through the graduation process. Intrigued by business developments Darick engaged the Executive MBA-program which was jointly offered by CURISES and University of Boulder Colorado. His MBA degree was obtained with distinction. Appointed in April 20111 as the Executive Technical Director of Aqualectra, Darick has been the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Aqualectra since October 2011.