Dale Ramlakhan

HDF TT | NewGen Energy Ltd.
Country Manager | Project Director

Dale Ramlakhan is the Country Manager for the Trinidad and Tobago arm of the French hydrogen pioneering company HDF Energy. He brings decades of energy expertise to the renewable energy space and leads the groundbreaking NewGen project, the first of its kind hydrogen facility in the region.

His expertise in the energy sector is also utilized by both government and private sector bodies in which he serves as the Chairman of the Decarbonization Taskforce of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago where he regularly mentors newcomers to the renewable energy global arena.

Dale is responsible for the idea behind the utilization of waste heat to produce green hydrogen and has led this innovation thrust for the country and its myriad stakeholders.

Dale is a graduate of University of the West Indies and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the area of Solar Energy