Anand Kalpoe

Energy Authority of Suriname

Anand Kalpoe has a Bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on Energy Systems, which he obtained from the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) and the University of West Indies, respectively.

He is a full-time lecturer at AdeKUS in the discipline of Electrical Engineering, specializing in Power System Analysis, and currently is the academic secretary (deputy Dean) of the Faculty of Technology, AdeKUS.

He also holds a position in the National Electrical Commission Suriname at the Suriname Standards Bureau, is a board member of the Suriname Energy Chamber, and is a member (Chair) of the Supervisory Board of the Energy Authority Suriname.

His (professional) ambitions are to actively contribute to:

– The acquiring and dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field of integrating renewable energy systems into the electrical power systems (of Suriname)

– The efficient use of electrical energy

Recent projects include grid integration studies (Static & Dynamic & Transients), Electrical Energy Audits, and the adoption of technical and performance standards for Solar PV-Systems in Suriname.

Currently, he is part of the team overseeing the setting up of a grid-connected 1.2MWp-Hybrid-PV-BESS-System within the grounds of the AdeKUS.

In his spare time, Anand enjoys indoor soccer and playing strategy-pc-games.