Tuesday, April 26, 2022 – Pre-CREF Session 9:30 am – 11:30 am

EV and EV infrastructure dominated much of the conversation at CREF Virtual, with several leading officials describing EVs as a pillar of energy transition strategy. This workshop details EV ambitions and progress around the region, and highlights the obstacles that remain to making electrification a reality. Workshop participants identify the ways that investors, manufacturers, government entities can move forward EV implementation. Technical experts draw from relevant experiences and studies, and explore how technologies can transform the Caribbean EV landscape.

  • Exploring the critical role of the regulator and utility engagement
  • Role and opportunities for private sector investment and vehicle manufacturers
  • Next steps to scale up and achieve rapid deployment

Participants will include Caribbean transport and energy ministers, utility CEOs, investors, auto industry representatives, and electric mobility experts.

Christina Becker-Birck, Vice President, The Cadmus Group, LLC, Emcee

How to Register

The EV Deployment Workshop will take place before the CREF main event at the JW Marriott Marquis on April 26 from 9:30 am – 11:30 am. It is an optional, additional registration item. It is complimentary for all senior Caribbean government and utility executives who should contact us to receive a code to apply to the online registration for 2019. For all other attendees, the incremental fee to attend the E-Mobility Roadmap Workshop is $475. You will be provided with the option to register for it when you register for CREF.

EV Deployment Workshop Agenda

9:30 am – What Have We Achieved? What Comes Next…

    • EV expansion in the Caribbean by the numbers
  • Geoff Morrison, Sustainable Transportation Practice, Cadmus Group

9:40 am – Exploring the Critical Role of the Regulator and Utility Engagement

How are governments, regulators and utilities providing the impetus for EV expansion on their islands?

    • What legislation and policy initiatives would eliminate remaining barriers and enable further expansion?
    • How can policy stimulate private sector investment into the sector?
  • Augusto Bonzi, Energy Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Kyle Fleming, Director, VI Energy Office and Chairman of the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority
  • Hon. Walter Roban, Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Government of Bermuda
  • Anaitee Mills, Alliance Chair, Jamaica Energy Resilience Alliance, Cadmus Group, moderator

10:30 am – Electric Vehicle Charging Impacts on Island Power Systems

Presentation of opportunities and technical challenges involved with EV integration at island locations.

Simulation results using island power systems will be presented to highlight possible grid integration challenges due to EV charging, as well as possible mitigation approaches.

The experiences and techniques discussed are expected to be broadly applicable to Caribbean power systems and useful to the pursuit of increased electric transportation options.

  • Thad Haines, Senior Member, Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems Integration Department, Sandia National Laboratories

10:45 am – Next steps to Scale Up and Achieve Rapid Deployment of EVs

    • Role and opportunities for private sector investment and vehicle manufacturers
    • Approaches to ensuring supply of EVs to meet our transition ambitions
    • Defining market fit – what kind of vehicles are best suited to Caribbean needs and how can access to them be facilitated
    • Which regulatory and implementation approaches are working best for Caribbean islands?
    • How can the region overcome the challenge of market scale, and become more attractive to manufacturers?
    • Managing ICE vehicle stock? Considering options for alternative fuels, conversion to EV long term
  • Joost de Vries, CEO, DeLorean Motor Company Inc.
  • Jo Edghill, Co-founder, Megapower
  • Dr. Graham King, Dept. of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering, University of the West Indies
  • Wayne McKenzie, President and CEO, Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP)
  • Richard Ramrattan, Alternative Energy Engineer, UNIPET
  • Angie Salom, Manager, Energy Latin America & Caribbean, FMO, moderator

11:30 am – Concluding Statements

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