Lincoy Small

Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS)
Director, Systems Operations

A Power System Engineer at the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS), Lincoy currently serves as the Director of System Operations at Jamaica Public Service Company since December 2017. In this role, he is responsible for leading the daily to annual operations and optimization of the Generation, Transmission and Distribution Delivery System on Jamaica’s national Power Grid.

An engineer with seventeen years of experience in the power industry, Lincoy currently leads a team of engineers, who spearheaded the execution of several projects, especially in the areas of Renewable Integration, Grid modernization, T&D Remedial Action Schemes development, Grid Codes & Operational Policies development, Generator Operations and IPP PPA negotiations and technical contract management.

Some of his accomplishments in his current role were realized in 2016, when members of his team that had previously participated in the PPA negotiations of 80.3MW of new wind and solar renewable facilities, supported the construction and commissioning process of these plants, increasing Jamaica’s renewable capacity from 7.8% to 16.7% of its total installed thermal capacity. In 2016, when JPS commissioned its first LNG storage and supply facility to its retrofitted 114MW Bogue Combined Cycle power plant, Lincoy played an initial vital role in this gas conversion project, by assisting and helping to guide the technical dispatch studies & the resulting economic analysis and participated in the gas supply agreement (GSA) negotiations and operational procedural development. These two significant projects form part of JPS strategy to reduce energy prices and diversify its fuel supply portfolio.

He is also a technical consultant to various stakeholders within JPS and Jamaica’s energy sector at large, a Grid Operations Trainer and a technical leader of JPS’ Central Emergency Operations Centre (CEOC) for disaster management and grid restoration. His responsibilities also include leading investigations, analysis and reporting of major grid disturbance events to all the relevant stakeholders within the Utility, Regulatory and Government organizations. He has lead his team and collaborated with other critical stakeholders in preparing comprehensive major grid disturbance reports as a result of two (2) unfortunate grid failures one of which was due to a total grid blackout.

Lincoy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Power Engineering (Honours) from the University of Technology, Jamaica after completing High School at Kingston College in Jamaica in 1997. He has gone on to further develop his expertise in Project Management, Power System Engineering Analysis and Applications by completing several specialized training courses throughout his career.