James Whittaker

Cayman Renewable Energy Association

A Caymanian by birth with degrees in Banking, Accounting and International  Finance, James spent 19 years working in the financial sectors of Cayman,  New York and Bermuda. As the former Deputy Head of Investments at CIMA;  James had regulatory responsibility for the world’s largest collection of  hedge funds and securities investment businesses with oversight of Fund  Directors and Investment Managers and daily supervision of over 30 staff. 

A true pioneer of sustainability and renewable energy in the Caribbean  region, James brings a unique blend of analytical thinking, public and private  sector experience, relentless passion and inspired ideas with the goal to  positively impact lives by sustainably transforming the built environment. 

Following his passion and entrepreneurial instincts in 2010 he created the  GreenTech Group of companies, which provides a full range of sustainability solutions which includes; design and installation of renewable energy  systems, Designing LEED Certified and Zero Energy homes and buildings as  well as the Caribbean’s only regional distribution network for green products  and technologies. Today GreenTech is the market leader in renewable  energy and sustainable design in the Cayman Islands. 

He is the President of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA), a  member of Cayman National Energy Policy Committee, a member of the  Cayman Islands Government’s Energy Policy Council (EPC). He also founded  ‘Project Green School’ a non-profit program dedicated to educating children  on the importance of climate change, renewable energy and sustainability.  

James was instrumental in developing the groundbreaking Cayman Islands  National Energy Policy. He also works closely with the public and private  sectors across the region; including NGOs such as the Carbon War Room.  James also developed one of the foremost renewable energy conferences in  the region; the Caribbean Transitional Energy Conference (CTEC); hosted  annually on Grand Cayman with attendees from across the world.  

He is the father of two young girls and a life-long Cayman Islands resident,  his determination to build a better, more sustainable future is unwavering.