Hon. Stephenson King

St. Lucia
Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour

Hon. Stephenson King, is a Former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia serving from September 9, 2007 to November 30, 2011. He has been a Parliamentarian with over thirty (30) years’ experience and is currently the Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour. In his current capacity, he is responsible for Public Utilities and Renewable Energy and plays a critical role in Saint Lucia’s sustainable energy drive. Under his leadership Saint Lucia has successfully implemented the following initiatives:

1. Geothermal Resource Development Project (surface exploration)

2. Solar PV Demo Project (Owen King EU Hospital) -200 kW system at National Hospital

3. Energy efficiency retrofit of the Graeham-Louisy Administrative Building

4. Installation of Solar Carport at Ministry of Infrastructure

5. Development of Government of Saint Lucia Fleet Transition Strategy and procurement of electric vehicles for demonstration purposes.

6. Capacity building in the areas of solar PV installation and maintenance, electric vehicle repair and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

He has also played a pivotal role in securing funding from the ADFD towards the set- up of a 10MWac solar farm with battery storage and is facilitating the implementation of the UAE-CREF solar carport project at the Hewannorra International Airport.. A key area of his work is the market reform of the electricity sector in Saint Lucia. He is currently putting in place legislation to support the entry of independent power producers into the market and to strengthen market regulations. Prior to this, he served as Minister for Finance, (including International Financial Services) Economic Affairs, Economic Planning and National Development, in addition to External Affairs, Home Affairs, and National Security and Minister for Community Development and also Minister for Health. As a Senior Statesman, Hon. Stephenson King is currently the longest serving member of Parliament in Saint Lucia.