Ross Tyler

Offshore Renewable Energy International

Ross Tyler, Founder of Offshore Renewable Energy International (OREI), a company that specializes in offshore clean energy generation for islands. Ross has 13 years of market development expertise with renewable energy sectors including offshore wind in the USA. His experience comes from work as Executive Vice President for the US based Business Network for Offshore Wind and as Director of Clean Energy under Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley in which he helped craft policy for renewable energy generation and clean energy economic development growth. Ross spent two years working internationally with the Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) where he gained insights and experience into different national public funded practices to establish renewable energy generation and the respective supply chains. Prior to that, Ross was principal consultant for IF Consulting where he leveraged his knowledge of marketing channels and supply chains. His career includes international economic development and management positions with both government and private organizations. He earned his BSc. from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and his MBA from the University of Kent, UK.