Murray Skeete

WRB Energy
Vice President of Engineering and Regulation

Murray Skeete is a highly experienced professional engineer who has worked in the electric power and energy sector for over 30 years. Having started his career in the wind energy research field, Mr. Skeete went on to work in the power generation equipment supply business and then the electricity utility sector in the Caribbean. The majority of his experience has been in the operations and management of vertically integrated electric utility companies in the Caribbean, where over the last 21 years he has led numerous multi-million-dollar construction projects covering all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution on small island power systems.

His work has involved contract negotiation, contract management, project management, system planning, renewable energy development and integration, and strategic planning. He also has significant utility management and regulatory experience. Mr. Skeete is the Vice President of Engineering and Regulation with WRB Enterprises Inc., with overall responsibility for the technical and regulatory aspects of the company’s Utility and Renewable Development operations. He presently serves on the Board of Directors of Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. and has previously served on the Board of Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.