Fabian Gentles

Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited
System Planning Manager

A Power System Engineer, Fabian currently serves as the System Planning Manager in the Grid Operations Group of the Bermuda Electric Light Company Ltd (BELCO). In his capacity, Fabian has the responsibility of leading and coordinating the continual development of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP); providing engineering guidance and support to the BELCO Operations Group which includes the Bulk Generation (BG) and Transmission, Distribution and Retail (TD&R) licensees ; leading the development and execution of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Connection Agreements (CAs) for Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and he is also responsible for coordinating and conducting the planning studies necessary to optimize and maintain the safety, security and reliability of the BELCO Electric network.

His work in Planning includes the study and integration of Renewable Energy facilities (RE); be they bulk-scale or smaller installations on the distribution network. In this regard, he is currently also the technical lead from BELCO for the delivery of Bermuda’s first bulk-scale solar IPP plant – a 6MWAC solar facility at the LF Wade International airport; unofficially called the “Solar Finger”. His work also involves the study and integration of Energy Storage Systems (ESS), transmission and distribution network expansion and reconfiguration, capital projects justification, technical losses analyses, short circuit analyses, Transient Dynamic System stability, etc.

Fabian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Honours) from the University of West Indies (St. Augustine) since 2007. He has completed several specialized training courses throughout his career to further broaden his expertise in Power System Engineering and Power System Analyses. He has delivered presentations to the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) community on “Renewable Energy Intermittency and Grid Operations for Island Grids” and “Adjusting to Rapid Increases in the Installed Capacity of Intermittent Renewables in an Island Utility”. In previous roles, he has had the opportunity of working in multiple jurisdictions in varied engineering capacities, including: Senior Power System Engineer, Power System Engineer, Planning Engineer, Project Engineer and Electrical Commissioning Engineer.