Scott Pearman

Bermuda Hospitals Board
Chief Operating Officer

Mr Pearman was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in 2011 and is currently responsible for Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology, Mental Health Services (adult, child and adolescent), Substance Abuse, Learning Disability, Human Resources, Food Services, Environmental Services, Laundry and Facilities Management.  

Having joined BHB in 1996 as Employee Labour Relations Manager, Mr Pearman was appointed as Director of Human Resources in 2000, a position he held for seven years before his appointment to Vice President of Physician Relations in December 2006. Following the establishment of BHB’s Succession Planning Programme, Mr Pearman was promoted to Chief of Business Development in 2010 and then to the role of COO (KEMH) the following year. In February 2017, the Chief Operating Officer remit was expanded to include the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. 

Mr Pearman has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Rhode Island, a Master of Labour  Relations and Human Resources from Michigan State University, a Master of Business Administration  from Queen’s University (CND), and a Professional Human Resources Certification from the Society of  Human Resources Management (SHRM). In order to further his professional interest in improving value in  healthcare, Mr Pearman was accepted as a course scholar to the Value Based Health Delivery Intensive  Seminar (2016) at the Harvard Business School.  

A Justice of the Peace (JP), Mr. Pearman served on the Cedarbridge Academy Board of Governors from  2002 to 2007 and was appointed to the Board of Governors for Berkeley Institute in 2009. He has also  served on the Bermuda Government Labour Advisory Board since 1999, the Bermuda Employers Council  Arbitration Committee since 1998, and Bermuda Government Pembroke Liquor Licensing Board from  2002 to 2014.