Kirk-Anthony Hamilton

Infiniti Partnership
Founder and Managing Partner

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton is an architectural designer turned entrepreneur, investor, community curator and founder of the Infiniti Partnership Inc., Tech Beach Retreat and The Destination Experience. Mr. Hamilton is also a General Partner in Novamed Health, an investment vehicle designed to drive innovation and global resources to healthcare properties in the Caribbean. He is on a mission to build a new global business ecosystem for the Caribbean with platforms designed to attract investment, innovation, influence and big media to the region with an aim to catalyze new enterprise and wealth creation opportunities. Participants in his knowledge and opportunity exchange platforms collectively control in excess of US$140 billion in equity and investment capital and to date they have seeded over US$300 million in investments across various sectors. In May of 2015 he was celebrated as one of 75 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs by President Obama at the White House and in January of 2016 serving as curator of the Global Shapers Kingston Hub he was selected as one of 50 Global Shapers to participate in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. His work and profile have been featured in publications including Forbes, the Wallstreet Journal, Essence and the New York Times. Kirk-Anthony possesses a Professional Master of Architecture Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design.