Donald Thomson

CRDC Global
Founder and CEO

Donald Thomson is the Founder and CEO of CRDC, The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration. The company focuses on industrial symbiosis through the balancing of environmental, social, and industry needs. Over the last two decades, CRDC has developed a series educational protocols and consumer products exclusively dedicated to being zero-waste and regenerative in purpose and nature. He has successfully managed the introduction and expansion of the company’s proprietary product, RESIN8, into a rapidly scaling global enterprise that specializes in converting unwanted plastic waste into a high quality fine aggregate additive for use across a broad spectrum of the built environment.

His REAP Recover-Enrich-Appreciate-Prosper Business model was a People’s Choice nominee at the 2016 World Economic Forum’s Circularity Awards and was recently named as an International Business Times Social Capital Top 100 for 2022. Donald constantly collaborates with various industrial leaders, environmentalists, leading brands, academia, and public entities like the United Nations and Habitat for Humanity to develop commercially viable “end of life” solutions to resolve our waste plastic contamination dilemma and it’s relative CO2e impact. Donald holds several international patents in building product design and is recognized as a disruptor in the field of low carbon concrete.