Codi Whittaker

Primitive Greens
Co-Founder and Operator

Codi Whittaker is the Co-Founder and Operator of Primitive Greens, a Cayman Islands-based container farming company focused on enhancing food security and resiliency in the Cayman Islands.Born in the Cayman Islands, Codi’s passion for farming started young with his father and grandfather heavily involved in residential and commercial farming and livestock.After graduating with a BSc in Computer Science in 2019,  Codi decided to pursue an idea that he thought would revolutionize agriculture in the Cayman Islands. He returned to the Cayman Islands to pursue his idea and bring life to what is now known as Primitive Greens. Codi combines his love for tech with his drive and determination to elevate and add innovation to the agriculture industry in the Cayman Islands.He believes that Primitive Greens has a unique opportunity to address many problems in the Cayman Islands regarding agriculture, renewable energy, education and economic development. The operation has expanded to four farms with additional plans submitted to build a CAT5-rated building with renewable energy and battery storage. Codi is also involved in a few other projects around sustainability and resiliency in the Cayman Islands.