Suzette Balkaran

WiMAC, Senior | UTT
VP Research & Development | Senior Instructor

Suzette Balkaran is currently the VP of Research and Development of the Women in Maritime Association Caribbean (WiMAC) and has been actively engaged in analysing gender specific information, promoting professional development of women and encouraging gender equality within the maritime sector. She is a Senior Instructor at the Centre for Maritime and Ocean Studies, at the University of Trinidad and Tobago delivering courses in the Engineering, Navigation and Bachelor programmes.  Suzette also supports the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Caribbean, in the capacity of Energy Efficiency Advisor and has engaged in capacity building initiatives, mapping the uptake of energy efficient technology on board vessels, assessing related GHG emissions, and enhancing fuel reporting mechanisms within the Caribbean Region. Suzette also serves as the Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Maritime Officers Association, which serves to promote and support maritime training, maritime career awareness and outreach, and assist cadets in attaining their professional qualifications and employment. Suzetteā€™s educational background includes Maritime Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Nautical Science and Operational Maritime Management.