Dr. Justin Ram

Justin Ram Advisory

Dr. Justin Ram is CEO of Justin Ram Advisory Associates and GSEC. He has over twenty-five years of practical, advisory, research, and management experience. He has worked as an economist in over 32 countries across the Caribbean, Central Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Justin has a Diploma in Executive Management from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also holds an M.Sc. in Economics from University College, London, a B.Sc. from The University of the West Indies, and a post-graduate certificate in sustainable environmental management from The University of California, Berkeley.

Selected Advisories and Projects:
• Special Economic Advisor, PM, Barbados
• Jamaica Climate Change NDC Advisor
• Economic Adviser to the Chair of IMF/WB Development Committee
• Economic Advisor, Government of Uganda
• Economic Advisor, Government of Zambia
• Economic Advisor, UNDP Guyana
• Economic Advisor, Government of Grenada
• Climate Finance for sovereign governments
• Global Vulnerability Index
• Debt sustainability and Climate Finance
• Establishing a Caribbean Resilience Fund
• Guyana Rural Transformation
• Blue Economy (Barbados, OECS, Guyana)
• Economic assessment of wastewater treatment plants
• Digital transformation (ECCB, OECS)
• Disaster and Resilience Financing