ESG as an asset class isn’t alternative; the concept is no longer esoteric. ESG is the new normal.

The Caribbean ESG & Climate Financing Summit was conceived in 2021 to accelerate momentum towards a new operating and financing ecosystem for the region. The event gathers Caribbean borrowers, lenders and investors to mainstream the concept and rollout of ESG and climate finance region-wide.

“Very informative event that provided an appreciation for the reality of ESG and climate financing in the region and the kinds of efforts that will be required in the coming period,” Leon Charles, Consultant at Charles & Associates, Inc.

Who will you meet?

The Caribbean ESG Financing Summit is designed for the entire borrowing, lending and investor ecosystem in the Caribbean, comprising:

  • Ministries of Finance, public debt offices, central banks, regulators
  • Caribbean corporate CEOs, CFOs
  • Project sponsors & developers
  • Commercial and investment banks
  • Private equity, impact investors
  • Development finance providers
  • Law firms and consultants
  • Digital, data and technology providers
2021-22 Caribbean ESG Market Highlights

New Energy is committed to supporting the ESG and climate finance market in the Caribbean year-round with coverage of news from across the region. Recent headlines include:

  • November 2021 – Belize Blue Bond – Belize leads the way in innovative “debt-for-nature” swap
  • March 2022 – Banco Popular Dominicano approved the issuance of a US$45 million green bond to finance new renewable energy, electro-mobility, and eco-efficiency projects.
  • June 2022 – The Bahamas successfully places a US$385 million bond into international capital markets

As one of the non-bank companies in attendance it was interesting to learn about ESG and how private firms could use this as the new model for best practice. It will require a cultural shift in entrepreneurship,” Robert Mohammed, General Manager at 45 Corgar Ltd.