Peter Vivian-Neal

Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd

With a background in mineral exploration finance and operational management, in the ‘Noughties’ Peter Vivian-Neal was co-founder and CEO of Kiwara plc, the London AIM listed exploration company which found one of Zambia’s bigger copper deposits. Following the acquisition of Kiwara by First Quantum Minerals in 2010, Peter switched his focus to geothermal energy for both the generation of electricity and the direct uses of thermal energy for Agri-industry processes. He is founder and CEO of Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd whose objective is to be an independent sustainable power producer in power stricken Southern Africa. The Company holds exploration rights in Southern Zambia. After extensive research and exploration including drilling of over 6,000m of geothermal slim wells, the Company is currently (Q1-Q3 2021) running a feasibility study on a relatively shallow resource at Bweengwa River. The experience gained in the geology and exploration challenges of the Karoo (Permian) basin that hosts this target has triggered optimism that other similar geothermal systems in Southern Africa can be developed for commercially viable, sustainable, power production and relevant agri-processes. Peter currently lives in Zambia.