Ana Maria Ruz

Chilean Economical Development Agency - Corfo
Green Hydrogen Specialist

Electrical Civil Engineer and Environmental Management & Planning master’s degree Universidad de Chile.

Committee of green hydrogen industry´s Executive Director, looking for accelerate green hydrogen industry development in Chile.

Senior expert for the Corfo´s Committee of Solar Energy leading the design of the Solar Energy Road Map (2015-2025), technical advisor for Atacama Module and System Technology Consortium (2017- ) and providing support to the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, Chile a clean energy provider for a carbon neutral planet (2020-2050). Chilean delegate at Technological Collaborative Program IEA PVPS and SolarPACES.

She has more than 20 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy, working in consultancy with a systemic approach to environmental management of infrastructure and industrial projects. She worked also for German Technical Cooperation Agency (GIZ). Three new energy innovative companies were started from her Fundacion Chile position: GTNLA S.A. (Engineering and Geology for the geothermal industry), Copper for Energy (Development of technological innovation projects, intensive use of copper and to improve energy efficiency) and Solar Chile S.A. (Development of solar photovoltaic plants). Likewise, she was the Champion for answering the challenges of incorporating energy efficiency and renewable energies in the operations of Escondida Mining, below the world-class supplier’s initiative supported by BHP and CODELCO. As Deputy Manager of Technological Development at Fundación Chile she led the challenge of accelerating the solar energy and marine energy markets in Chile in collaboration with national and international research centers and private companies.