Paola Brunetto

Enel Green Power
Head of the Hydrogen Business Unit

Paola Brunetto, born in Messina, Sicily, is the Head of the Hydrogen Business Unit at Enel Green Power where she is fast-tracking the entrance of the company in the new green hydrogen business.

Since joining Enel Green Power in 2010, she covered a number of roles with increasing levels of responsibility and strongly contributed to the growth of the company in the last 10 years. The positions she held include both engineering and business management roles. With her team, she worked on optimizing renewable projects for the Power Purchase Agreement market and for the successful participation of the company in tender bids around the globe. Such projects allowed Enel Green Power to strongly increase the production of renewable power through the installation of new wind and solar plants.

She holds a MS in Automation Engineering and a PhD in Electric Electronics and Automation Engineering from the University of Catania.