Monica Swanson

Port of Rotterdam
Program Manager Hydrogen Corridors

Monica runs a number of international hydrogen supply chain initiatives. Her focus is on initiating and building strategic coalitions worldwide to help create the hydrogen supply chains and corridors of the future, working with a team of highly motivated colleagues to achieve this. Regions under her care are South America, North America, including Canada, Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the country of South-Africa. One of her key countries is Brazil, where Port of Rotterdam has a joint venture with the state of Ceará in the port of Pecém.

Areas of expertise: Hydrogen and Power-to-X fuels shipping corridors, Port development for Green Transition and Digitization of ports.

Port of Rotterdam is among the top 10 ports of the world and the largest port of Europe. It is the Gateway port for many traded goods into Europe, reaching > 500 million consumers within 24 hours. It is also a major Energy hub for Europe, receiving some 13% of the total energy consumption for Europe and reaching some 40% of EU Industry end users for their energy needs. It is known for its high-quality hinterland logistics, its deep-water accessibility, its efficiency and port infrastructure. Port of Rotterdam, on request, provides port advisory services to governments and public/private port companies, in some cases opting to co-invest. As the hydrogen hub for its region, it is looking to connect globally to ensure supplies of hydrogen are connected with the customers in the demand.