Carlos R. Ilário da Silva

Head of Zero Emission

Carlos joined Embraer 15 years ago and during his carrier he had the opportunity to work in  different areas and design stages of several aircraft, including the areas of propulsion systems,  external noise, aerodynamics and physics of flight research. He has a PhD in Mechanical  Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo. In 2009 he worked as a Visiting Researcher at the  Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre within the University of Southampton in UK and in  2016 he worked as a Senior Visiting Research Associate at Stanford University in the Aero-Astro  Department. 

In 2021, Carlos has been appointed as the Head of Zero Emission Innovation Vertical at  EMBRAER. He is currently responsible for the Electrification, Hydrogen and SAFs strategies at  corporate level, building synergies and developing business opportunities across all EMBRAER  Business Units and Affiliated companies.