Luciano Andrés González Llanos

Ministry of Energy, Chile
Geothermal and District Energy, Sustainable Energies Division

Renewable natural resources engineer form the University of Chile, studying for a master’s degree in energy at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, with 18 years of professional experience both in private and public sector.

In the private sector he worked at Enel Green Power in the area of coordination, planning and environment management of geothermal energy projects, as well as in the area of relationship with native communities and public authorities.

In the public sector he worked in the field of regulatory administration and improvement for geothermal energy, and as project leader of the World Bank Technical Assistance for Geothermal Energy Sustainable Development in Chile. He also took part as technical expert in the Indigenous Consultation processes for geothermal concessions within the ILO 169 Convention framework.