Joseph Williams

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
Coordinator, Sustainable Energy Unit

Joseph Williams is the Coordinator, Sustainable Energy at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). He joined the Bank in 2014. Among other things, he has led the development and implementation of the Bank’s current Energy Sector Policy and Strategy. This includes the establishment of the CDB GeoSmart Initiative which provides funding for geothermal energy development, utilizing resources mobilized under the Inter-American Development Bank Sustainable Energy Facility, and the EU-CIF Risk Mitigation programme.

Mr Williams has 30 years of experience in the energy sector in the Caribbean, covering policy, project implementation and financing. In the past, he practiced as an electric utility engineer, regional energy-management consultant, and also managed the CARICOM Energy Programme.

He is a professional mechanical engineer and certified energy manager, and also holds a MSc degree in Engineering Management (with emphasis on energy policy and planning), and a MBA degree in finance and sustainability.