Dr. Hon. Samuel Joseph

Minister, Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy & Labour

Educated at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and Baylor University in Texas. Dr. Joseph holds a PhD in Physics (2009), a Master’s in Computational Physics (2001) and first class honors in Mathematics (1999). He was one of the ten students accepted into the High Energy Physics postgraduate Diploma program (2001) at the prestigious ICTP institution in Trieste Italy.

Dr. Joseph returned to Montserrat in 2010 as an educator at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) and the Montserrat Community College (MCC).

Believing that Montserratians could leverage their ICT skills to draw business from the global community, Dr. Joseph along with his brother Dr. Daniel Joseph and, Manish Valechha, established Montserrat’s first software company Lavabits. Lavabits has produced various apps and software currently in use by the GOM and the Financial Services Commission.

Montserrat is now part of a global world connected through technology. Its future depends on its ability to exploit its geothermal energy and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), and motivate and make use of its young people and human capital. These are all issues Dr. Joseph has invested energies and experience toward and has had tremendous success.

Dr. Joseph is also a member of Parliament after being elected in 2017. His is now Deputy Premier and the Minister of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour.