Bernhardt Johst

Senior Adviser

Bernhardt has been working for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH for more than 10 years, starting as a regional integrated CIM-expert in the industrial chambers in the Central American region financed by the “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” (4E) programme. Since 2020 he forms part of the “Geothermal Heat Utilization for Industrial Processes in the SICA Member Countries” (GEO II) project. Nowadays he strengthens the professional exchange and promotes the geothermal direct use applications on an international level. He is an accredited energy manager and he has also worked as a technical consultant for the renewable industry in Europe, Middle East and Latin America. Bernhardt is one of the founding members of the Costa Rican Solar Association (ACESOLAR) and he strongly supports the use of ISO 50001 measurements in the industrial sector. He holds a degree in business administration with a strong focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and innovative business models in the energy sector.