Karina Chez

KAYA Energy Group
Partner and CEO (Also President, ASOFER)

Karina Chez is the CEO of KAYA Energy Group, an engineering and financial firm focused on renewable energy in the Caribbean.  She is Director of the Vida KAYA Foundation, a non-profit organisation focused on the the implementation of environmental projects, supported by renewable energy.  She brings vast experience in areas of sustainable development, international finance, and business development.  She has lived in and managed digital technology teams in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, New York, Canada, London, Colombia and Singapore.  Earlier in her career, Karina worked for the World Food Programme (WFP) at the Untied Nations and most recently, spent time in Kenya working with government and private institutions, focused on solar solutions for communities. Karina sits on the Board of Directors of the Industry Association of the Dominican Republic (AIRD) and is President of Renewable Energy Association (ASOFER) in the Dominican Republic.

Karina has an MBA from Pace University in New York, and an MIA in Political and Economic Development from Columbia University in New York.