Wilkferg Vanegas

Inter-American Development Bank
Energy Specialist

Wilkferg Vanegas is an energy specialist at the Energy Division (ENE) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  Mr. Vanegas is the Team leader of IDB’s energy projects in Haiti since 2020. Those projects include the development of solar generation with battery energy storage systems, the development of mini-grids, among others.  Previously, Mr. Vanegas supported the preparation and execution of several IDB energy projects in Latin-America and the Caribbean covering areas such as renewable energy, transmission, distribution, energy efficiency, policy reforms, etc.  Before joining the IDB, Mr. Vanegas worked as a Specialist in Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change at the Organization of American States (OAS) where he managed several regional projects.  He also worked as a sustainable development consultant in Colombia.   Mr. Vanegas holds a B.S. in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering from the “Universidad de la Salle”, in Bogotá (Colombia), and a Master of Science degree in Energy Policy and Climate from Johns Hopkins University, in Washington D.C.