Thad Haines

Sandia National Laboratories
Senior Member, Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems Integration Department

Thad Haines is a senior member of the technical staff with the Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems Integration department at Sandia National Laboratories where his work contributes to better understanding issues related to resilience, stability, and controllability of electrical power systems due to increased renewable energy adoption and electrification of transportation. He has studied possible grid integration challenges with EV charging, as well as mitigation approaches during normal day-to-day operation and extreme weather events. Additionally, he has contributed to researching alternatives for fossil-based generation in an island setting, helped identify critical infrastructure to benefit community resilience, developed and simulated plant-wide inverter-based resource controls, and added long-term dynamic power system simulation via variable time-step integration into an open-source software package. Thad holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Montana Technological University, Butte America.