Richard Ramrattan

Alternative Energy Engineer

An experienced Electrical Engineer (specializing in Power and Control Systems), Richard has worked across multiple engineering disciplines in both power generation and renewable energy technology companies. Completing his MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering in 2015 and pursuing his PhD in a similar field of study, Richard has built his name to be a renewable energy expert and as a consultant both in the private and public sector. He has designed, executed and commissioned numerous renewable energy initiatives obtaining both engineering skills and hands-on experience. At Unipet, Richard leads the alternative energy department with the deployment of energy efficiency measures, solar power and EV charging infrastructure. Trained and certified as an electric vehicle charging specialist at EVBOX Amsterdam, Richard has deployed multiple public EV charging stations in Trinidad and planned to roll out much more in 2022. He also designed and deployed over 10 solar power systems including 20kW and 50kW systems in Trinidad through his years of experience. He is also the CEO/Managing Director of renewable energy contracting company RenergyTT which performs energy audits, energy efficient solutions deployment and solar power generation installations over the past 8 years.