Kyle Fleming

Virgin Islands Energy Office | Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority
Director | Chairman

In 2016, Kyle Fleming returned to his home on St. Croix, USVI to fulfill his professional goal of  transforming the energy sector within the USVI. Upon his return, he took on the role as Director  of Operations of a regional solar developer in the territory. Following Hurricane Irma and Maria,  

Mr. Fleming developed and deployed solar plus battery storage systems territory-wide which  relieved the dependence on generators for many Virgin Islanders suffering through the extended  black-outs. Mr. Fleming has continued to impact the Energy Profile of the territory as Director of  Virgin Islands Energy Office. As Director, Mr. Fleming has focused policy and program  development around the following core pillars: Sustainability, Resiliency, Work-Force  Development, and Efficient Energy Resource Utilization. In 2021 Mr. Fleming was elected  Chairman of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s governing board. During his  tenure, he has focused on disrupting the traditional power plant mentality of the operation and shifting to an Energy as a Service strategy to better serve the community as a whole.

Mr. Fleming utilized his education to propel his career as a Senior Engineer and eventually Director of Mechanical Engineering for a start-up energy storage company in Boston, MA. While this opportunity was extremely beneficial, his ultimate goal was always to return home and develop progressive energy initiatives within the Virgin Islands. In 2016, he returned to St. Croix to fulfill this personal and professional goal. Upon his return, he took on the role as Director of Operations for ProSolar Systems on St. Croix, USVI. During his tenure with ProSolar, Mr. Fleming designed, contracted, and managed the installation of over 700 kW of distributed solar and 1+ MWh of distributed battery storage systems throughout the island of St. Croix. Following Hurricane Irma and Maria, Mr. Fleming’s efforts relieved the dependence on generators for many Virgin Islanders suffering through the extended black-out, by transitioning homes to renewable energy solutions. Mr. Fleming plans to continue this effort and much more as the Director of Virgin Islands Energy Office. During the first phase of his tenure as Director he has focused on developing policy that promotes resilient renewable energy adoption and energy industry workforce development throughout the Virgin Islands.