Dagmara Avanindra

Bucuti & Tara Resort
Director of Engineering & Sustainability

Dagmara Avanindra is an accomplished engineer, technologist and sustainability expert who has dedicated her career to creating more accessible, affordable and sustainable energy solutions – particularly in the Caribbean region.

Dagmara serves as the director of engineering & sustainability at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, the first carbon neutral certified resort in the Caribbean. She is working towards making the resort carbon negative.

She initially gained a better understanding of the Caribbean region by working for the former Prime Minister of Aruba, Mike Eman, in the Bureau of Innovation and Sustainability. That later translated to private sector work though her DAVA Energy Solutions consultancy, focusing on a wholistic approach of delivering scalable clean energy solutions by working with utilities, IPPs, regulators, governments and knowledge centers, which ultimately results in executed utility scale energy projects.

Dagmara Avanindra serves as the Chairman of the Board at 360o of Innovation, which focuses on intersection of social, technical and economic innovation and strategically translates opportunities for small island economies in the Caribbean.

Dagmara has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University where she graduated with honors.