Wesley Cooke

Enegix Energy
Founder & CEO

Wesley is the founder and chief executive officer of Enegix Energy, an innovative energy company with a vision to deploy and manage renewable, utility scale energy grids powered by hydrogen. His leadership has driven the company forward with a bold vision to enable the transition to an equitable, affordable and clean electricity future for an ever growing global population with a strong focus on power and fuel markets.

Wesley Cooke is an accomplished company leader with over 15 years of business experience and possesses a broad set of skills across leadership, innovation, technology, product development and market compatibility, business strategy, distribution and marketing.

With the recent announcement of the Base One project in Brazil, the company’s 3.4 GW baseload hydrogen production facility will play an important role in the adoption of hydrogen for grid and mobility in key markets globally.

He has a desire to see hydrogen adopted with a strong focus on sustainability, equality and innovation. His key responsibilities include driving the vision and product development roadmap for the company, leadership of the global Enegix team and managing key hires to meet growth targets, and commercial, partnership and government negotiations leading to successfully implemented projects with scale potential.