Rodrigo Vásquez Torres

Renewable Energy Program Advisor

Electronic Civil Engineer, specialized in Telecommunications from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. At the beginning he advised the commercial operations area of the thermal power plant Electroandina, and later worked as a technical engineer in process control and monitoring systems in industry and mining sector. In 2007 he completed a Master’s degree in Renewable Energies at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. At the same time he was technical supervisor of the European project Renaissance on energy efficiency in buildings. Upon returning to Chile in 2012, he joined consulting company JACOBS as an Energy Management and Efficiency Engineer in mining pre-investment projects. Since 2014 he is Senior Advisor of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency program developed by GIZ, in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy of Chile. He was in charge of the CSP concentrating solar power plant project and capacity building, and is currently in charge of the Energy Efficiency in Mining project, as well as in the decarbonization project of the thermal power plant reconversion, integrated water-energy projects and hydrogen technologies. He is the author of the book:”Hydrogen technologies and prospects for Chile”.