Felipe Gonzalez Penagos

Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia
Director of Hydrocarbons

Felipe Gonzalez Penagos is the Director of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia. He holds more than 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry as well as an energy resources analyst. He holds a BSc in geology from the National University of Colombia, a MSc from the University of Barcelona and a PhD from Paris Sorbonne University and IFP.

Felipe has worked as a basin and petroleum system analyst in both onshore and offshore sedimentary basins of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Aruba and Guyana. In the last few years, his career has been focused on promoting geological solutions for low-carbon energy alternatives and energy efficiency as director of non-profit research groups, speaker, chairman and workshop organiser in issues such as natural hydrogen exploration, geothermal energy, water quality and CCUS for industry and academia.