Marcela Bascopé

Polaris Energy Nicaragua S.A. (PENSA)
Social Responsibility & Communications Specialist

Marcela Bascopé works as the Social Responsibility & Communications Specialist at Polaris Energy Nicaragua S.A (PENSA), which operates and owns the San Jacinto-Tizate Geothermal Central, with an installed capacity of 77 MW (72 MW net).

Marcela is in charge of developing the company’s social responsibility strategy, through the formulation and implementation of development projects and the establishment of multisector alliances to maximize the social impact of the company in the communities near the company. Marcela also belongs to the team in charge of guaranteeing compliance of the environmental and social sustainability standards promoted by the multilateral banks; and is also responsible for the implementation of the communications strategy.

Prior to joining PENSA, Marcela worked in the microfinance sector and  served for several years for the humanitarian NGO ‘TECHO’, in which she worked actively in transitional housing projects in slums in Nicaragua and in Haiti (after the 2010 earthquake).

Marcela holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; a post-graduate Degree in Finance; and a Master Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights from the Universidad Americana.