Luca Angelino

Program Officer

Luca Angelino joined the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in June 2017 as a Programme Officer with the Country Support and Partnerships Division. Luca supports the Agency’s activities in relation to the coordination and facilitation of the Global Geothermal Alliance, a global initiative bringing together 44 countries and 33 partner institutions, including development partners, industry associations, and regional and international organisations. Additionally, Luca contributes to the implementation of the Agency’s geothermal capacity building activities at regional and thematic levels, including on renewable energy applications for district heating and cooling. Prior to joining IRENA, he was Head of Policy and Regulation at the European Geothermal Energy Council, where we worked on several geothermal-related projects (GEOELEC, GeoDH, RegeoCities, etc.), coordinated the collection and treatment of data for the EGEC annual market report, and provided advice on the political, regulatory, and economic environment relevant to the sector. Luca has also experience with the European Commission and other energy industry associations.