Enrique Lima

West Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Executive Officer

Enrique is an Executive Officer of West Japan Engineering Consultant, Inc (West JEC) with Headquarters in Fukuoka Japan. West JEC is part of the Kyushu Electric Power Company group, the fourth largest electric utility of Japan and the largest geothermal developer and generator of Japan. Enrique has more than 30 years of experience in the field of geothermal energy; his background is Mechanical Engineering, degree earned from the National University of Mexico. Enrique underwent Master and Doctor studies at the Kyushu University, Japan (Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering). Before joining West JEC, Enrique was researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the National University of Mexico and during his tenure as researcher he did geophysical exploration of several Mexican geothermal fields. Joining West JEC his task was to develop and apply a geothermal reservoir simulator and a well simulator. Later, he developed a software for the design of two phase fluid transportation system and the coupling all these simulators to a plant simulator.

While functioning as geothermal engineer and before Enrique turned business developer for West JEC, he participated in numerous geothermal projects in LATAM, Asia and Africa, including national geothermal master plans, prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies funded by financial entities such as, WB, IDB, CABEI, IBRD, JICA, JBIC, JETRO, etc. This experience has taken him to the analysis of national policies and of the competitive situation of geothermal energy in different markets. Currently Enrique leads a multidisciplinary team of West JEC serving clients as Owner Engineers in geothermal development and construction projects. He also leads a team in charge of identifying needs of potential clients and the required technology to satisfy their needs. In addition, the team couple potential investors and financiers to develop new geothermal projects. Enrique climbed the ladder within the organization until becoming Managing Director of West JEC, after completing his tenure, Enrique remains in the company as Executive Officer.