David López Villafuerte

Grupo CEL

Architect David López Villafuerte is President of Grupo CEL El Salvador (2014-2019), responsible for producing 60% of the country’s electric power, of which 25% is based on geothermal resources. Since the 1980s, he has been involved in the geothermal development of El Salvador and Central America, and has actively participated in the development of 5 geothermal fields. His experience in geothermal energy and his strategic leadership have enabled him to play the role of Project Manager of LaGeo until 2014. Architect López has promoted Geothermal energy as a central axis in the development of the of El Salvador’s Energy matrix, and has managed to position LaGeo as a Center of Excellence for Latin America and the Caribbean, through the promotion of research and scientific education specialized in Geothermal.