Orlando Olmberg

Suriname Energy Chamber

Orlando Olmberg was born in Suriname on the first of may 1970.

As a specialist in solar energy he co-founded Guguplex Technology SAC, a solar engineering  company in the country of his birth.

In 2012 Guguplex was one of eight companies in the Caribbean to win a project on renewables  named ‘IDEAS 2012’ from the   Inter American Development Bank (IDB). This project  laid the basis on a national level  for more large and small  scale solar solutions.

Orlando is also the founder of the Suriname Energy Chamber (SEC), a private sector representative body for both the electricity as well as the oil and gas sector  in Suriname .

As the Guyana’s coordinator for the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF),  he is one of the founding fathers of the Suriname Renewable Energy Forum (SREF),together with the Energy Authority Suriname (EAS) and the IDB.  SREF  is  a multi stakeholder platform with  representatives from both the Public and Private sector to facilitate the energy transition in a collaborative , practical and integrated way.

His favorite slogan : One is too small to be great !